Here's an example of how technology can work for you:

Ajax is a relatively new technology that allows a website to only request, download and change the part of the webpage that needs to be modified. This iin turn saves you bandwidth and provides a richer more dynamic experience to the web surfer.

The Latest Programming Systems Create the 'Visitor Friendly' Environment that Will Make Your Website Work

Application Programming

Corrosive Studio specializes in building custom programmed small to large scale cutting-edge web applications. This includes system design, server setup, database design,and application programming and implementation. Corrosive Studio can develop a complete system from your idea, concept, or vision and deliver a maintainable and extendible solution.

Rapid Application Development

Corrosive Studio implements rapid application development techniques to create powerful, more reliable web applications faster and with less errors or need for future technical support by using and reusing highly configurable application modules that snap together to build enterprise-level applications while reducing overhead and lead-time.

Database Design and Implementation

At the heart of nearly every web application is the database. Corrosive Studio designs databases that will efficiently and effectively capture and serve data over the long haul. Corrosive Studio has extensive experience with database design and implementation. This includes advanced concepts including database replication, backup policies, and database/query optimization.