Consider This:

Industry web traffic research statistics consistently indicate that about 85% of all website traffic is delivered by a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or MSN.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO);
A Key Strategy to Making Your Website Work Hard for You!

Search Engine Optimization

A good website is one of the best and most affordable types of advertising any business can have. But if your customers can't find you... what's the point?

Just launching a website and hoping for the best is not maximizing your investment. Search Engines don't work on an alphabetical listing or a 'first come-first rank' basis.

That's why it's crucial to include a solid SEO strategy as part of your website and online marketing budget. And as part of our commitment to making your website investment profitable, Corrosive Studio specializes in organic Search Engine Optimization that drives traffic to your site.

Over time, our SEO strategies have proven successful... and we can put them to work to make your website an online success.

Our organic SEO plans aim to methodically build your search rankings over time. Our strategies use proven techniques including keywords and search phrases relevant to your business, geographical references of your market area, website content optimization, the use of links and references to strengthen your presence, 'freshness' and upgrades to drive your ratings to consistently high positions…plus a number of proprietary techniques.