Here's and example of how a technology can work for you:

Ajax a relatively new technology that allows a website to only request, download and change the part of the webpage that has changed. This in turn saves you bandwidth and provides a richer more dynamic experience to the web surfer.

The Latest Programming Systems Create the 'Visitor Friendly' Environment that Will Make Your Website Work

Web Design

Corrosive Studio employs advanced web 2.0 techniques while maintaining standard compliance. This means you can present a professional cutting edge web presence that will get you the exposure and return on your marketing dollar you deserve by creating a 'visitor friendly' environment

That means your website visitors are welcomed to your site by a navigation and web application that's fast and efficient. It lets them quickly find the information they're looking for while providing a positive experience.

For example, some of the techniques we employ take advantage of the latest innovations in website systems design which include Ajax, community driven sites and viral marketing.

Web standards have long been neglected by the web design community but standards offer a win-win situation for both client and designer. Developed by online experts -with input from the whole web community - standards work to provide the globally accepted foundation for building increasingly powerful applications.

Standards are the result of a lot of energy and expertise and are available for free: don't miss the opportunity to benefit from their powerful, leveraging effect that creates a positive, 'visitor friendly' environment today... and allows for fast, efficient expansion to keep pace with your growing needs into the future.